Port of hueneme 2020 strategic business plan

By Anne Kallas Posted: July 28, 0 The Oxnard Harbor District commission on Monday heard positive reports from Port of Hueneme staff about the channel deepening project, the strategic plan and ways to reach the business community.

Port of hueneme 2020 strategic business plan

Includes logo on event marketing and one complimentary registration Mobility 21 Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Maurath has over 30 years of experience in project and program management, business development and operations, project controls, construction management, engineering and procurement in the infrastructure business.

Maurath is a member of the board of directors for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and is serving as the past-president for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Consulting Engineers Council.

Mobility 21 Advisory Board Member Spotlight: He has been directly involved in the bid preparation of more than 30 P3 infrastructure projects.

P3 market, where he worked in P3 procurement and financial advisory roles for various transportation agencies. Summit Platinum Sponsor Spotlight: The goal is to make distracted driving as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving, because the consequences of both can be the same — deaths and injuries.

The campaign messaging is being conveyed in paid TV and radio public service announcements as well as in-print in Westways magazine and online at AAA. Public attitudes about drinking and driving have shifted over the decades, drastically cutting fatalities from DUI crashes.

The same shift, to stigmatize distracted driving, needs to happen, because distracted driving kills nine people and injures 1, more everyday on average in the U. For more than a century, the Auto Club has advocated for mobility and traffic safety improvements.

Capture existing sources of GHG emissions and use them for fuel. This renewable gas future uses existing infrastructure to keep costs to a fraction of the electricity-only scenario and meet consumer preferences.

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Originally planned for residential development and a golf course; TCA, in partnership with environmental organizations and resource agencies, placed the nearly 1, acres of land into permanent open space in Closed to public and recreational use, this is the first time TCA has opened the property to local artists.

To view photos from the event, visit www. Traffic is one of the critical issues facing L. Better mobility means safe and convenient access to the basic needs in your life, such as more job opportunities, housing, education and health services. The plan seeks to provide great mobility to everyone, whether they drive, take transit, walk or bike.

The plan builds on some key initiatives already underway now at Metro — and includes strategic actions that go well beyond the status quo. For example, the in-progress Long Range Transportation Plan and the NextGen Bus Study will take a deeper and more detailed focus on how we will accomplish goals in Vision Vision will be formally released to the public on April 27 followed by a four-week public comment period.

The Metro Board of Directors will consider adopting the plan at their meeting on June Here are some of the highlights that will likely be most interesting to Source readers: We are not just a transit agency — we are a mobility agency.

The plan emphasizes spending less time traveling. For example, the plan calls for: Metro will focus on improving the customer experience and making our system easier and more convenient to use.

Putting the customer at the heart of the journey is critical to improving mobility. The above are just a few highlights.

Forward Motion, April 2018

The plan also tackles housing, safety and security, fares, agency finances and creating more jobs across the region. This artist rendering shows the concept for the vehicles, though the exact design and branding of the streetcars will be determined later this year.

Photo courtesy of the Orange County Transportation Authority. The OC Streetcar route will have six vehicles in operation and two spare cars that can be rotated into the system as needed.

As part of the deal, Siemens will provide systems support and training to operators and maintenance technicians once the vehicles are delivered.

It is expected to carry more than 7, passengers per day within its first year of operation. The model of streetcar that Siemens will provide, called the S70 model, has proven successful in other cities nationwide. At least streetcars of that model are in operation in eight U.

The vehicles are 88 feet long and have 70 seats, carrying up to passengers at a time. The streetcars will have doors on each side, operator cabs in the front and back, and level boarding — meaning no steps are required to enter or exit the streetcar.

Construction on the OC Streetcar is set to begin later this year with testing and operations beginning in late On October 12, the Board of Harbor Commissioners adopted the Port of Hueneme Strategic Plan, a visioning document focused on the top priorities of Economic Vitality, Marketing, Environment, Innovation and Technology and Strategic Partnerships.

Strategic Business Plan On October 12, the Board of Harbor Commissioners adopted the Port of Hueneme Strategic Plan, a visioning document focused on the top priorities of Economic Vitality, Marketing, Environment, Innovation and Technology and Strategic Partnerships.

In our business plan , we translate our mission into 5 strategic priorities that should anchor the competitive position of the port of Antwerp in the coming years.

port of hueneme 2020 strategic business plan

Meritorious Promotion of Enlisted Marines to the Grades of Corporal and Sergeant_c[1]. Oxnard Downtown Strategic Plan Page i. Oxnard Downtown Strategic Plan Page ii. Hueneme Canyon, a 1,foot wharf was constructed in to Central Business District (CBD) in both the City of Oxnard General Plan and the City Zoning Map.

Its boundary is defined by 2nd Street on the north, the Ventura County railroad and Factory. The Strategic Plan, which is the culmination of three years of work, according to Port CEO and Director Kristin Decas, stresses partnerships as well as an expanded infrastructure.

The Oxnard Harbor District oversees the port.

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