Antigone has adhd essay

Ismene believes the men who rule Thebes must not be disobeyed because men are stronger and their will must be respected. How does Antigone demonstrate pre-feminist ethics?

Antigone has adhd essay

Whose fate does Antigone compare to her own? Niobe What does Antigone beg the people of Thebes to bear witness to? She was unjustly judged. Who does Antigone blame for her terrible misfortune?

Oedipus According to the chorus, who is considered a virtue? Reverence According to Ode 4, who was locked away in a brazen vault? Danae Who came to the princess while she was locked away? Ares wife watched ripped out the eyes of his sons.

Who is the blind prophet who comes to speak to King Creon? Teiresias What does the prophet claim that he heard which frightened him?

He heard birds fighting. He says that instead of flourishing they melt. The Gods are angry. What does the prophet claim can be done to repair the evil performed against the gods?

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If Creon changes his mind. All prophets love to ridicule Creon. What warning does Teiresias give to King Creon if he refuses to heed the prophesies?

What advice does the Choragos give King Creon once Teiresias leaves? The advice he gives him is free Antigone and build a tomb for Polyneices. How does King Creon react to the advice of the Choragos?

He will do it. What are some of these names? Iacchos, born of the thunder. Haimon has killed himself. The Queen, wife of Creon and mother of Haimon. What were Creon and the messenger doing when they prayed to Hecate and Pluto? They were washing the corpse of Polyneicus with holy water before they burned it.

What did King Creon and the messenger do as soon as they finished their tasks regarding Polyneices? They ran to the vault to free Antigone. What happened after the messenger relayed the news about Haimon and Antigone to Eurydice?

Eurydice walked into her house and killed herself. The Gods always punished pride.

Antigone has adhd essay

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