A drought has come essay

When Len Kelman witnessed the drought-stricken state of his childhood country town of Merriwa, in the New South Wales Hunter region, he was so shocked at what he saw that he knew something had to be done. Graham Cockerell right coordinates fodder drop-off points with truck drivers in Dunedoo.

A drought has come essay

Here is your short essay on Drought Rajan D Advertisements: Remember that drought is a very serious agricultural problem.

Drought has been defined as the deficit that results when the soil moisture is insufficient to meet the demands of potential evapotranspiration. Droughts are of three types: In any case drought is the result of insufficient rainfall.

Average rainfall is not a true indicator of drought. What is more important is the seasonal distribution of rainfall, its dependability, intensity, and the form of precipitation.

Moreover, drought is determined on the basis of the water need of a specific crop growing under a particular combination of environmental conditions. If the minimum need of water is not met for such conditions, the crops do not develop properly.

There are certain factors which help in the occurrence of droughts. Decreasing relative humidity, windy weather and higher temperatures are the causative factors of drought. The rate of evaporation being high, the soil moisture is lost rapidly. Crops grown in such soils as have high moisture holding capacity are able to tolerate a dry period lasting for a short period of time, and in such cases the damage to the crop is negligible.

Different types of crops have different moisture requirements. In fact, the non-availability of the minimum amount of moisture need of a particular crop is the true indication of drought. In order to combat the drought hazard, various measures have been suggested. They are irrigation, artificial rainfall, dry farming, crop rotation and the cultivation of such crops as require minimum amount of soil moisture.It has grown into a community of hundreds of rural volunteer workers, supporting farmers in crisis across three states affected by flood, fire and drought – from east Gippsland () and the Black Saturday bushfires (), Kerang floods (), the NSW dairy crisis () and the unfolding drought across NSW.

Widespread deforestation and cutting of trees has reduced the ability of soil to hold water.

A drought has come essay

Lack of underground water is a major cause for droughts. Evil effects of drought: Like floods, drought is a grave natural calamity that affects Indian life, . In this report, we examined the causes of famine, the illness effects it has on sufferers, and solutions.

A history of drought

Giving examples about each of these subtitles from past countries that had famine and countries that are currently suffer from famine.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Drought: Definition, Causes, Regions and Other Details! The most common cause for drought is failure of rains. The tanks, wells and similar underground water reserves remain unchanged.

Essay on Drought